Our Company


Core Resource Management is a public company created by experts in finance and energy to maximize shareholder value by acquiring proven mineral and royalty interests as well as participating in low risk oil & gas projects in domestic oil & gas fields.


The investment thesis underpinning Core Resource Management involves its belief that global demand for oil and gas will continue to grow as economies in Asia, South America and the Middle East develop; the United States will become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020, overtaking both Saudi Arabia and Russia and become energy self-sufficient by 2035; the United States has been experiencing much higher inflation than government indices suggest and the pace of that inflation is likely to increase significantly; the United States is between 3 and 5 years away from experiencing many of the economic difficulties currently affecting the European Union and assembling a portfolio of proven and producing mineral and royalty interest in oil & gas programs is an attractive investment opportunity.

The Company intends on building cash flow through the acquisition of proven mineral reserves in domestic oil & gas fields. Management believes publicly traded companies offer shareholders greater transparency and liquidity than privately held companies. Additionally publicly traded companies typically enjoy a lower cost of funds than privately held companies. A lower cost of funds represents a significant advantage when structuring acquisitions. The Company’s 3 to 5 year goal is to acquire $200 million in proven mineral and royalty interests in oil & gas programs. Typically $200 million in mineral and royalty interests would generate $50 million in annual cash flow. It would be reasonable to anticipate the Company’s stock would trade between 6 to 10 times annual cash flow or higher based on the value of the mineral reserves.